Learning Latin

The Cambridge Latin Course is a well-established and successful Latin programme developed by the Cambridge School Classics Project. It provides an enjoyable and carefully paced introduction to the Latin language, complemented by the background information on Roman culture and civilisation. The material progresses from simple stories written specially for the Course, through adaptations of Roman authors, to original texts. The texts are accompanied by explanations of key language points, and are supported by grammar practice exercises.

The core resource is a series of 5 textbooks. Further print materials provide support for both teachers (e.g. Teacher's Guides) and learners (e.g. Independent Learning Manuals). 

To find out about other components in this course, please contact us and we'd be very happy to advise.

Are you looking for the online activities that support the Cambridge Latin Course? They can now be found on the Cambridge School Classics Project website.

Resources for younger students (Key Stage 2):

Join in the fun with Minimus! Follow the antics of Flavius, Minimus, Vibrissa the cat and their Roman family. Roman and Greek myths are intertwined with the family's story, along with photos of artefacts from Roman digs to bring the culture of Roman Britain to life.