Mathematics for Future Computing and Communications

Mathematics for Future Computing and Communications

Author(s): Edited by Liao Heng, Bill McColl
Publication Date: 16-12-2021

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For 80 years, mathematics has driven fundamental innovation in computing and communications. This timely book provides a panorama of some recent ideas in mathematics and how they will drive continued innovation in computing, communications and AI in the coming years. It provides a unique insight into how the new techniques that are being developed can be used to provide theoretical foundations for technological progress, just as mathematics was used in earlier times by Turing, von Neumann, Shannon and others. Edited by leading researchers in the field, chapters cover the application of new mathematics in computer architecture, software verification, quantum computing, compressed sensing, networking, Bayesian inference, machine learning, reinforcement learning and many other areas.

  • Demonstrates the impact of new mathematics across a wide spectrum of research challenges in computing, communications and AI
  • Discusses cutting-edge academic research and its applications in industry
  • Looks forward with a chapter on prospects for future breakthroughs

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