Get on Stage!

Get on Stage!

Teacher's Book with DVD and Audio CD 21 Sketches and Plays for Young Learners and Teens

Author(s): Herbert Puchta, Günther Gerngross, Matthew Devitt
Publication Date: 01-03-2012

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Get on Stage! is a photocopiable resource book with 21 original sketches and plays for young learners and teens. The book is divided into four sections: Short humorous sketches, Medium-length sketches, Medium-length plays based on traditional stories and teen dramas.

The DVD contains video recordings of three sample plays. The Audio CD contains audio recordings of a further 11 plays, and photocopiable worksheets to check students' comprehension and practise key vocabulary, lexical chunks and grammar. It also shows co-author Matt Devitt, professional actor and theatre director, rehearsing a play with a group of students.

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